Solutions for receivables and debts

Where people live and work together, challenges and conflicts may arise that can weaken and burden their relationships. We support our clients in conflict situations, represent them in negotiations and create valuable solutions that make a difference.

Practical examples in case of receivables and debts:

  • Outstanding debts and receivables, outstanding instalment payments, liquidity bottlenecks and late payments
  • Debt collection, recovery measures, orders for payment, legal proposals, opening of proceedings, seizure and bankruptcy
  • Deletion of the entry in the debt collection register
  • Debt restructuring/debt settlement, probate proceedings, deferral, composition agreement


Our expertise: legal representation, negotiation, advice

  • Proceeding to the goal: We prepare a restructuring budget adapted to the financial, professional and family situation and draw up a payment plan or a settlement agreement that represents an economically viable solution.
  • We advise on all questions of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law and communicate with debt enforcement offices and debt collection agencies.