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Jean-Luc Delli

Jean-Luc Delli
Founder and Head of

«Claim your rights, litigation-free.

We advise and assist individuals and entrepreneurs seeking solutions for difficult decisions and in various life and business situations - both on a legal and an entrepreneurial level. In collaboration with our clients, we create valuable results for them.»

Prozesslos zu Ihrem Recht
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What our customers say about us

  • «I appreciate your professionalism, your advice, your commitment and your attitude.»

  • «Very competent, detailed on the questions and good explanations, very friendly, price / quality good.»

  • «Highly recommended, high communication skills and was the first legal advice focused on my concerns, fair and payable prices.»

  • «Very competent and professional conversation, understood my request very well. Price and quality of legal services are unbeatable.»

  • «You did a great job!»

  • «Thanks for your support.»

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